Our Services



HOM strives to work with organizations that are no longer okay with simply checking the boxes. We want to go the extra mile in marketing your vision in a way that is innovative and story based. So often we are pitched cheap thrills, but we want to build trust with the consumer through the visuals portrayed, no matter what the platform.

Music video

Music is at the heart of any HOM production. All music videos are heavily rooted in the artists image, and we want to work closely with you in capturing the vision of your songwriting. A well-produced music video can go a long way in bolstering an artist's image, let us help you create that image. 


With an extensive marketing background, HOM would love to partner with you in managing and executing your social endeavors. We believe that no post is independent and that no matter the platform you should be telling a story that engages your audience. 



Event based videography and photography is also offered through HOM to be used in any promotional or marketing capacity. We'd love to help cement your experiences in visual form.


Personal Testimony/story

We want to tell YOUR story. People are the foundation of genuine storytelling. No matter status, age, gender, race, or occupation, we long to tell the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. 


Photography is one way in which HOM sets itself apart as more than just a production agency. We want to encapsulate a full media package that meets consumers where they're at. Whatever your photo needs, know that you will receive a cohesive look and feel that is consistent with your brand and image. 


Video editing is another way in which HOM can offer you a 360 degree solution. So often we have so much footage to manage. Send it our way and we will do our best to create something you can be proud of.


We tell the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.
— HOM a film company