*Shot by Revel Weddings **Edited by HOM Film Company


The Wedding Highlight...

PACKAGE:  $3,000

Our package includes:

+ 4-5 minute Wedding Highlight film

+ An Instagram 30-second trailer

At HOM we want to go above and beyond simply capturing your wedding day. We can't help but approach every wedding as an opportunity to make a work of art. We want to tell your love story in its most organic format. Capturing imagery that is every bit as vibrant, original, and special as the couple getting married.

Your Love is a beautiful, wonderful, story. And we'd be thrilled to tell it.


*Shot by Revel Weddings **Edited by HOM Film Company




We're here to come alongside you during your big day no matter the time. We promise to be the first people to show up and the last people to leave. Never missing a moment is what we long to accomplish in telling your story and capturing authenticity every step of the way. 


We love vows and the story that they're able to tell over the course of our film. Your narration during the film gives you something that you never want to forget. No matter if they occur in the beginning, middle, or after, we want to be able to capture before the night is over. 


We're an LA based company, and are always open to any destination. We do require that our travel expenses and accommodations be paid for in the event of a destination wedding. In the case of a local destination $0.54 per mile is added to the cost.  


We want to meet YOU! Before even pressing record we want to hear your story and what makes you unique.